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Do you have questions about FIFA 17 Community Week? If so, you need to read this article, we will give you the answers about your questions. If you want to buy fifa 17 points, you just need to click it. Now here we go!

Q: What is the FIFA 17 Community Week?
A: FIFA 17 Community Week is an event that Electronic Arts runs to celebrate the growing FIFA community.

Q: When is the FIFA 17 Community Week?
A: The promotion runs between 28 April (Friday) and 5 May 2017 (Friday).

Q: What can we expect from FIFA 17 Community Week?
FUT pack offers, daily featured tournaments (online and single player) and eventually free FUT Draft tokens.

Q: Can we expect 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs?
A: Yes. These packs are usually released during the Community Week promotions. We are estimating 100k packs for April 30, 2017.

Q: Can we expect a featured tournament related with the Community Week?
A: Yes. A daily tournament should be released during the Community Week. Last year, the players had the chance to play six featured tournaments with easy entry requirements and increasing prize rewards for every tournament victory.

Q: How am I eligible to the FUT Draft pack?
A: First you need to own an Origin account created at least, one week before the event and completed a minimum of five matches in FUT 17. Then, you just need to log in to find the FUT Draft Token that is waiting for you.

Q: Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone during FIFA 17 Community Week?
A: No, not even Daily Gifts. Community Week is an end of season event. Donr17;t expect great offers as you can find in FUTmas, FUT United or FUT Birthday.

Q: Where I can see which offers are assigned for each day of FIFA 17 Community Week?
A: You can check in this page the complete program as soon as it becomes available.
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